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    Sébastien Graf

    Sébastien Graf

    05 July 2022

    Three useful Visual Studio Code extensions

    After fiddling around with my VS Code extensions and turning some of them off, I realized there are quite a few that I noticeably use a lot. Some of those include the following.


    GitHub Copilot

    Developed by Microsoft to make writing lines of code easier, the tool allows developers to get AI-based coding suggestions tailored to current projects. The extension is also great for learning to code in a new language and allows you to try new things, with the assurance of moving forward with syntax and code suggestions.

    The code suggestions are usually pretty good, and when they aren't, it's easy to bypass them and continue writing your own code.

    Its price of 10$ per month can be a turn-off. I'm still on the 60 days trial period so I have yet to decide if I'm willing to pay the subscription.



    ESLint is a tool that analyses your code. It is one of the most popular extensions on vscode it is developed by Microsoft. Often found yourself having syntax errors in your code? Well, ESLint makes sure you can quickly find and fix them.

    You can also set custom rules which can help teams have a consistent code base, therefore improving productivity.


    Auto Rename Tag

    Pretty self-explanatory, the extension renames the matching pair of your HTML or XML tag.

    Even though Visual Studio Code comes with a feature called "linked editing", I have yet to figure out a way to make it work with jsx. This is the main reason why I use this extension as it saves a lot of time and a lot of headaches, especially when the matching pair you're looking for is at the opposite of your file.

    Sébastien Graf

    Sébastien Graf

    Hey, I'm Seb, a front-end web developer who likes everything tech related.

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